Why I use CoinSplit

I wanted to take second to talk about a cool new crypto strategy that I am using to keep my coins safe. After reading so much negative news about people losing their crypto, I decided I needed to upgrade my crypto storage protocol.

I am an avid BTC gambler. If you didn’t know there are a ton of awesome BTC casinos available nowadays. Most platforms offer a wide variety of games. All of the gaming results are visible via the blockchain, so I feel as tho I am getting a fairer chance with these platforms.

Over the last year, as my winnings have begun to accumulate, I have become increasingly worried about losing my coins. This is why I have begun a new security protocol. Let me explain what I am doing to keep my crypto safer than ever.

One of the biggest changes I have made to my crypto security protocol is the addition of two new wallets. This brings me to a total of 3 BTC wallets. Keeping your crypto in separate wallets from different providers can be an awesome way to ensure you don’t lose everything in some freak incident, like losing your phone.

While you may think that owning three wallets can be a pain in the a**, I have managed to do my research and found a way to automate the distribution of my winning between the three. The platform Coinsplit allows anyone to create an automated wallet distribution system for their crypto.

Now, instead of sending my winning to my mobile BTC wallet, I send them to my Coinsplit address (Yes, This means I do have 4 Wallets now) and the Coinsplit wallet sends 50% to my BTC wallet that resides on my PC. The other 50% is split in half and sent two my mobile and cloud wallets.

This has given me so much peace of mind knowing that my crypto is now safer than ever. I am really starting to amass a nice stash of BTC and I have read to many horror stories of people losing their crypto for dumb reasons and I don’t want to end up on any of these lists one day.

For now, I feel safer than I did a month ago when I was carrying around a cell phone full of BTC. Now I can rest easy knowing my precious Satoshis are safe. Trust me, even the peace of mind I now have is a big win without buying a ledger.

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Multiple Wallets or Limit Extension?

I’ve noticed that Coinbase and Kraken have monthly withdrawal limits. Is it possible to get withdrawal limit extensions in the millions?

If and when XRP and other coins were to moon, I’d hate to wait over a year(s) to withdraw the full amount. What are some reputable tradesites/wallets I can use to split and convert to FIAT all my tokens.

Thinking years in advance, but better to know now than later.

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