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How is a life partner visa not quite the same as a marriage green card?

Life partners of U.S. residents have two essential choices for moving to the USA:

The future life partner could go to the U.S. on a life partner visa (the “K-1 visa”), which implies that the marriage at that point occurs in the United States.

On the other hand,Do I need ESTA or Visa? you could initially get hitched outside the United States, and the U.S. resident companion could support the outside life partner for a green card (the “I-130 request,” at times likewise alluded to as the “IR1/CR1 process”).

For connected couples, there are points of interest and weaknesses to every one of these two choices. The correct decision for your sprouting family will rely upon components, for example, where you need to hold your wedding, how rapidly the remote life partner needs to go to the United States, and how cost-cognizant you are. Peruse on for An unmistakable correlation of the two procedures.

In case you’re as of now hitched, Boundless can enable you to finish your whole marriage-based green card (spousal visa) application — including every required structure and supporting records, autonomous lawyer survey, and backing — from the minute your application is documented until you get your green card. Find out additional, or check your qualification without giving any close to home or money related data.

Life partner Visa

The K-1 life partner visa is accessible to life partners of U.S. natives who are living outside of the United States and expect to get hitched inside 90 days of touching base in the United States. The K-1 life partner visa necessities include:

Both you and your life partner must be single and qualified to be hitched under U.S. law. (This implies same-sex couples are qualified for the K-1 life partner visa, regardless of whether the outside life partner’s nation of origin perceives same-sex relationships.

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