And then she came in, all in white. The new Adidas Spectral Mode collection!

And then she came in, all in white. The new Adidas Spectral Mode collection!

Social media disturbs reality. I saw a lot of young boys who were running apatitly during training sessions, they were fucking lazy. And then they made some random photos with gigantic loads and threw a photo with the #betterneverstops signature.The fans watch it and think: look like a bolt, this is the real work titan! G *** for true!

He sat in the evening and played on PlayStation, and the picture of how to chop wood like Rambo did in a second.

Thanks to social media, we get to know a different side of people. Who could have expected Gary Lineker to be so funny: “Messi makes me realize what shit I was footballer”.

Today, the phone entered the locker room so absurdly that I was once a witness to paranoia. I thought that just before the match the player listens to music and whispers something to himself, he can humm a song that would motivate him. I come closer and he talks on FaceTime with his girlfriend who is in VIP. It was just before the game started!

In my first season, I lived with my parents and shared the house with them. Later, I moved to Portsmouth and set up in a two-room flat. I had a gigantic couch that could not fit through the door, and it only hit the living room because the gentleman from the transport company (former boxer) carried it on the ladder, threw it on the balcony, opened the wide door, and slipped inside. I lived like a student. Ascetic.

I did not have any decorations on the walls, my only equipment in the rooms were: a couch and a television. I cooked something in the kitchen. Typically, pasta with chicken or tomatoes. I invited buddies, we had a delicate, inflatable ball for children and we kicked it around the house. Typical life of soccer players.You can get this right here without cost 먹튀.

Today 16-year-olds are instructed on what to do on social media and what not. OK, there are pathologies, but I am amused when a teenager goes to Stoke, he comes to sign a contract with his “team”, and among those five people there is a social media specialist.

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