England’s Phil Neville accuses Cameroon of ‘shaming football’

England’s Phil Neville accuses Cameroon of ‘shaming football’


Imagine, then, a country divided in half. One half is an ardent follower of the Al-Ahly church  , for the other there is no world outside of Zamalek. Imagine a league so dominated by two teams – almost every year picking up the most important trophies, in 55 seasons played so far until the championship titles, both teams reached 48 times – that apart from them there is no football at the level. And now imagine the moment when they are clashing.

There are no two more successful teams on the Black Land. Both by the African Federation were considered the best in the twentieth century. Both are located in Greater Cairo, the largest metropolitan area of ​​Egypt and the entire continent, where more than 15 million people live.

Al-Ahly is a record holder in terms of the won championships, national cups and super-cups. He is also a record holder in the international arena, most times he reached for the African Champions League, Cup Winners’ Cup and Super Cup. Zamalek is a step behind them, always in second place, with almost similarly unimaginable number of trophies in the display case.

No wonder, then, that their matches are considered the climax of the season, since the 1970s broadcast to the countries of the Middle East and North Africa. This is the nail of the Egyptian game program, but the nail is very dangerous.

No less dangerous are duels with other clubs from the capital. When the twenty-team league is completed in half by teams from Cairo, you must keep in mind that it will be hot during each turn. And they break between themselves without reproach, regardless of the number of victims.

More than a matter of life and death

More than twenty lost and crushed bodies lay in a narrow corridor leading to the stadium. Beside, on the adjacent streets, the fight flared up. The security services used tear gas and fired shots without warning. The angry supporters were pushing, stones were moving. And from the uninteresting footballers Zamalku and ENPPI, coaches and referees played the best.

Someone later said that a few thousand supporters who did not have tickets wanted to break into the object by force. The defense minister thundered: “They tried to break the entrance gates.” Someone else said that the protection with barbed wire blocked the entrance to the arena, leaving only one of the gates open.you can check here infomation about UFABET.

We’re stuck, screams and scuffles started. The police thought then that there would be problems with us and decided to use tear gas “- said Amr, a fan who miraculously survived, he hit a bullet in the chest. Gathered fans panicked, trying to leave the passage chaotically. After a few minutes, there were only bodies left.

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