How to play Open Face Chinese poker – game rules

Are you tired of Hold ’em and Omaha? Then open-face Chinese poker is what you need. In this article, you will find the basic rules of this discipline, learn all about the scoring system, bonuses, and some varieties of Chinese poker.


OFC Poker (Open Face Chinese) or free Chinese poker has a structure of three hands or lines ascending in value:

Three card top line (weakest)

The middle range of 5 cards (average in strength)

The bottom line of 5 cards (the strongest)

They look like this:

The game can participate from 2 to 4 people. Initially, everyone is given five cards. The first player to make a move is the player to the left of the dealer (a chip that moves around the table in a circle every step). All players openly layout 5 cards at their discretion in the lower, middle, and upper positions. Once you put the map on the table, you can no longer swap it.


The goal of the game is not only to make the most reliable hand out of cards but also to get as many bonuses in the form of “royalties,” without violating the ascending order of the strength of the lines. After the layout of 13 cards, players alternately compare their combinations on all three fronts. The player receives 2 points (or “2 jackpots”) from the opponent for each line won. And for the victory on all three lines – 6 points.

Dead hand or stingy

If a player has assembled his combinations in violation of the rule of line seniority (for example, the upper line is stronger than the average), then all his combinations are considered “dead.” Such a player is called “stingy” and pays all opponents 6 points + bonuses (if any).

Bonuses (Royalty)

In Chinese poker, there is a system of reward cashes called “royalties.” These points are awarded to you for extra-class combinations on certain lines. Let’s look at the Open Face Chinese bonus/royalty system:

1.Bottom line (5 cards)

Street: +2; Flash: +4; Full House: +6; Four of a kind: +8; Straight Flush: +10; Royal Flush: +15

  1. The middle line

Set: +2; Street: +4; Flash: +8; Full House: +12; Four of a kind: +16; Straight Flush: +20; Royal Flush: +30

  1. The top line

If both players have the same bonus combinations, then their bonuses are not paid to each other. If both players have different bonus combinations (for example, straight +2 and flash +4), then the owner of the highest combination receives the difference between these bonuses (4-2 = 2).


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