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Trusted Online Ceme Bandar List 2019

Ceme Online is a simple game that uses Situs HKB Gaming as a medium to play. In this ceme gambling game you are given 2 choices, that is, you want to play as a player (player) or become a dealer (dealer). The online ceme game is actually almost the same as dominoqq except that the game is played using 2 cards while the domino qq uses 4 cards.

The ceme game is played using a domino set of 28 pieces. Where the winner of this game determines the sum of two cards that are distributed to each player and bookie. The highest number of cards is 9. And if more than 9, the value is only taken in the back.

Example like the picture below:

Card value exceeds 9

In the ceme game there is a special card term used to get “Jackpot” like, Card six gods, Card balms, Pure big cards, Small pure cards. Here is the multiplication of the special online game card.

Six God Cards

Prizes from six god cards are obtained from multiplying the jackpot value purchased with 6666.

Example: If you buy a jackpot worth 1000, then the prize that will be obtained is 1000 X 6666 = 6,666,000.

Balak card

Prizes from balak cards are obtained from multiplying the value of the jackpot purchased with 200.

Example: If you buy a jackpot worth 1000, then the value of the prize to be obtained is 1000 X 200 = 200,000

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