Saperavi Wine

Saperavi is a dull cleaned, pink-fleshed grape assortment initially from the Georgian Republic. Being the Georgian-language word for “color”, saperavi is an especially fitting name for this teinturier assortment.

Saperavi vines are developed broadly all through the Caucasus (the hybrid between the Asian and European landmasses), and further away from home in different locales of the previous Soviet Republic. Fit for carrying exceptional shading and stamped acridity to wines, Saperavi is a perfect element for less expensive mixed wines. In ongoing decades, it has likewise substantiated itself fit for delivering ageworthy (frequently barrel developed) varietal wines of high caliber. In Georgia, Saperavi’s best articulation originates from its chief district Kakheti, close to the eastern outskirt with Azerbaijan.

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A late-aging assortment, Saperavi flourishes in the cooler atmospheres of mainland eastern Europe where it produces liberal yields and without bargaining quality too definitely. Outside Europe, Saperavi is developed in modest quantities in the Finger Lakes AVA of New York State and the Australian territory of Victoria.

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