Among the encounters that people had with Jesus Christ in his earthly ministry, perhaps Zacchaeus is one of the best known in our day. Recently, a song about him was so successful that even at funk balls and nightclubs it used to stop beating to sing “Like Zacchaeus, I want to go up, as high as I can…”

The tax collector Zacchaeus was pregação sobre zaqueu well known in the city of Jericho, but not so well liked. His breadwinner (taxing) made his countrymen repulse, which probably relegated him to an environment of social isolation, even though he had made a good fortune. So much so that when Jesus decided to stay in his house, the murmuring took over the streets: How could a rabbi of Jesus’ stature engage in communion with a damn tax collector?

The result of such boldness could not be otherwise: transformation of life and salvation, and here I would like to highlight some lessons that we can learn from this text:

1) No matter how big the crowd, Jesus sees us and knows us. The crowd that accompanied Jesus was already large, and still increased after He healed blind Bartimaeus (see end of Luke 18). However, Jesus “finds” Zacchaeus on the tree and calls him by name, making it clear that he knows about that man’s life by inviting him to stay in his house. The same goes for us. Jesus knows who we are, what we did, and what we do. He knows the most intimate details of our hearts and yet seeks us out of the crowd.

2) No matter what others think of you, for Jesus you are the target of your love. Zacchaeus’s profession made him a despised person, shunned by all but not to Jesus. On the contrary, the Lord comes toward you, not with words of contempt, but of eternal life. Similarly, who you think you are or how people often treat you has nothing to do with the way Jesus Christ looks at your life. His ways are incomparably superior.

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